Africa Network for Effective Vegan Advocacy is a nonprofit organization promoting vegan lifestyle through public education and grassroots activism in order to reduce the use of animals for food.

We do this through:

  • Disseminating vegan literature
  • Training and mentoring students, faculty, and staff on the philosophy of veganism.
  • Promoting the health benefits of veganism, through evidence approach and supporting the shift to a plant based diet as a means of ensuring sustainable, healthy and environmentally sound lifestyle
  • Educating and supporting new and transitioning vegans through social support and mentor ship.
  • Encouraging and supporting the adoption of vegan practices in
    colleges and University campuses.

About us

To inspire healthy living in Kenya through adoption of a vegan lifestyle.

What We do

What we love doing.

Blogs and Posts.

We shall soon start to publish regular educational articles and blog posts on vegan living, as well as disseminate regular newsletters, reports and events through our weekly emails.

Support us

At the very least, you may feel you want to donate (and can we just pause a minute to recognize youe excellence for wanting to give back?!)

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